GM Perfect World

Become a GM in a Sandbox Perfect World private server! All players are GMs!

Get access to all game items and insane Gamemaster powers!

Get access to Homestead instantly and start creating your dream map right away!

Enhanced models for female classes, flying in dungeons and many more! Not available anywhere else.


Based on Perfect World Elysium expansion with a different approach. Every player starts as a Gamemaster, and all game items are available from the Boutique for the price of one silver. The server is more of a sandbox server rather than PvE or PvP. Our goal is to provide a fun server for everyone!

Values and Purpose

  • We aim to provide a sandbox experience for all lovers of Perfect World. You are free to do anything you want!
  • Get access to GM powers, all game items, unreleased game content or try out different things like Sage and Demon skills at the same time. You can level up manually using a GM weapon or level up instantly to 105. The choice is yours!
  • Simple and straightforward server. No random patches, no changes to the server. Original Perfect World Elysium expansion with GM access for all players!
  • For example, you can assess Homestead instantly at level one without doing any quests. Get access to all Homestead items for free. Create your dream homestead right away!
  • Chill and fun server. A server that you can always return to when you get bored. Do anything you like! You are free!

Important Notes

  • All players have access to GM powers, but they can’t do things like ban or restart the server.
  • Every single item in the game is in the Boutique for one silver. 
  • You must vote on all sites every day to be able to buy things on the Boutique and access GM powers. You must vote again after daily maintenance. You can donate to avoid voting.

Getting Started

You can access the GM window by pressing CTRL + G on your keyboard. Invincibility makes you immune to damage.

Invisibility gives you stealth. You can use it to sneak up on monsters. Very useful for exploring dungeons.

You can access other GM tools by clicking the scroll on the screenshot. You must vote on all sites for it to appear.

You can use it to teleport to all instances in the game. It also has level-up options, free buffs and many more!

You can teleport anywhere on the map by pointing your cursor at a place and pressing CTRL + Left Mouse button.

You can also teleport to other places doing the same on the map.