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⭐Unleash Your Gaming Potential⭐Embrace Your Inner GM: All Players are GMs with Access to All GM Commands and Content⭐Complete Freedom: Unlock 100% Access to Every Game Feature and Resource⭐Unforgettable Game Roster: Immerse Yourself in Legendary Titles like Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, Tera, Perfect World, Aion, RuneScape, Toontown and Habbo⭐Thrilling Adventures Await: Regular Additions of Exciting New Games for Endless Gaming Pleasure⭐

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icon GM & Gamemaster Commands

Item IDs
Weapon IDs
Character IDs
Quest IDs
Monster IDs
Scene & Dungeon IDs
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icon GM Commands
What does it do?
Shift + F1Show GM panel
.godGod mode
.morphTurn into NPC
.gmGM mode
.kickDisconnect player
.sprisonSend player to prison
.addemoteAdd emote
.addessenceAdd essence points
.addexpAdd experience
.killKill enemy
.dispelRemove all effects
.healHeal health and mana
.kinahCreate money
.noticeSend system message
.addrankpointsAdd Glory/Abyss Points
Item IDs
Teleport Locations
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icon GM Commands
What does it do?
Shift + `Show GM Console
d 10800 [item ID]Create item
d 10804 [item ID] [ID]Create item with attributes

eg d 10804 2251 2477 1417

d 1988Create coins
d 10811 [number]Spawn money around you
d 20 [number]Transfer money to ground
d_delcmd 205 [number]Create gold must relogin
d_delcmd 206 [number]Create event silver
d 2000Level up
d 21989 8879 [number]Change attack rate eg -15
d 10803 1Monsters follow you
d 1990 80Increase bank size
d 10851 [number] [time]Moonwalk 1-20, 1-1000
d 8903 73125Remove skills cooldown
d_goto [x,y]Travel to location
d_settimeofday [x,y]Change time eg 12,00
d 10840 [number]Remodel skin eg 2
d 1989 [number]Upgrade fairy eg 0-32
d 1991 399Enable 3 sparks
d 1992Gain 100 chi
d 10850 [number]Boost reputation
d 10853Clear bag
runescape logo
icon Admin Commands
What does it do?
::godGod mode
::1hitKill enemy
::item [item ID]Create item
::pnpc [ID]Turn into NPC
::spellbook [ID]Switch spellbook
::maxMax all skills
::invisBecome invisible
::setlevel [skill name] [number]Change skill level
::allmusicUnlock all music
::allquestUnlock all quests
::bankOpen bank
::npc [ID]Create NPC
::object [ID]Create object
::farmkitCreate farming items
::homeTeleport home
::to [location]Teleport to location
::tele [x y z]Teleport to x,y,z
::locDisplay coordinates
::teletoTeleport to player
::teletomeTeleport player to you
::tostarTeleport to shooting star
::submitCreate a new shooting star
::toggleslayerTrack slayer
::setslayerpoints [number]Change slayer points
::finishtaskFinish slayer task
::announce [text]Announce message
::playsong [ID]Play song
::anim [ID]Play animation
::loopanim [ID] [number]Play animation
::ranim [ID]Render animation
::ranimresetReset render animation
::npcareaanim [ID] [text]Make nearby NPCs animate with custom text
::emptyClear bag
::emptybankClear bank
::setpasswordotherChange another player’s password
::removeitemDelete item from player
::banBan player
::kick [player name]Kick player
::resetpasswordReset password
::statsShow extra stats
::questsDisplay available quests
::mrboneswildridePlay funny animation
::rolltrawlerlootGet random fishing trawler loot sent to your bank
::potatoCreate potato
::resetspriteReset sprite timer
::debugShow debug information
::fpson/fpsoffShow graphic card stats
::scriptsShow bot scripts
::stopscriptStop bot script
habbo logo
icon Admin Commands
What does it do?
:givebadge [player] [badge]Give badge
:givecredits [player] [number]Give money from bank
:talk [text]Use AI to say message
:ufosAliens attack your room
:givedrink [player]Give player your drink
:sitSit down
:poof/updateRefresh figure and motto
:coordsDisplay coordinates
:afk/idleClose eyes
:motto [text]Change motto
:hotelalert [text]Announce message
:infobus helpShow infobus commands
:furniList all items
:pickallPick all items
:chooserList all users
:eventsShow current events
tera logo
icon GM Commands
What does it do?
--godGod mode
--speed [number]Move faster
--level [number]Change level
--healHeal character
--stamina [number]Change stamina
--item [item ID] [number]Create item
--iteminv [item ID]Create item inside bag
--iteminfo [item ID]Show item information
--goto [map]Travel to map
--gotoplayer [player]Teleport to player
--spawnnpc [NPC ID] [type ID]Create NPC
--stopnpcsRemove all NPCs
--startnpcsSpawn all NPCs
--add_skill [class ID] [skill ID]Add skill
--clear_skillsRemove all skills
--get_base_skillsLearn starter skills
--notice [text]Send system message
--disconnect [player]Disconnect player
--banchat [player] [number] [reason]Chat ban player
--unbanchat [player]Remove chat ban of player

Attention: Tera has been updated. Please redownload Tera Part 3 and replace contents of Tera game client.

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