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08/02/2023 Genshin Impact Live!

124 Players Online

Access Admin and GM Commands

Shift + F1Show GM panel
//add (item ID)Create item aioncodex.com
//add kinah (number)Create money
//removecdReset skills cooldown
//cooldownDelete skills cooldown
//speed (percent)Move and fly faster
//goto (map)Travel to map
//unstuckTravel to bind point
//healHeal health
//changeraceChange faction
//addemotion (html)Obtain VIP emotes
//vsQueue for 1v1

GM Character Creation


Discover GM Privileges

perfect world
Shift + `Show GM Console
d 10800 (item ID)Create item pwdatabase.com
d 10804 (item ID) (ID)Create item with attributes

eg d 10804 2251 2477 1417

d 1988Create coins
d 10811 (number)Spawn money around you
d 20 (number)Transfer money to ground
d_delcmd 205 (number)Create gold must relogin
d_delcmd 206 (number)Create event silver
d 2000Level up
d 21989 8879 (number)Change attack rate eg -15
d 10803 1Monsters follow you
d 1990 80Increase bank size
d 10851 (number) (time)Moonwalk target 1-20, 1-1000
d 8903 73125Delete skills cooldown
d_goto (x,y)Travel eg 0,0
d_settimeofday (x,y)Modify time eg 12,00
d 10840 (number)Remodel skin eg 2
d 1989 (number)Upgrade fairy eg 0-32
d 1991 399Enable 3 sparks
d 1992Gain 100 chi
d 10850 (number)Boost reputation
d 10853Clear bag.

Exclusive GM Content

perfect world

Admin Rights for Everyone

::item (item ID)Create item itemdb.biz

Access Admin Content

::help (number)Show Admin commands 1-3